The PiLogger ® One is an extention module for the Raspberry Pi ®. With the PiLogger ® One you connect an autonomous
4 channel measurement system via the I2C bus to the Raspberry Pi ®.

The focus is on DC power metering, additionally equipped with a pulse counter, which enables measuring rotational rates like, for instance, wind speed or flow rates. And last but not least, it provides an input for an remote temperature sensor.

More details you can find under Features.

This combination is especially suitable for monitoring small alternative power generators like wind generators or solar power stations and of course their respective batteries.


PiLogger ® WebMonitor :

Monitoring and Logging via Network - without Cloud and Foreign Server

PiLogger WebMonitor

With the free of charge and free open source software Pilogger ® WebMonitor you easily can monitor your measurement data, watch the time line charts and download the data files via your home network. Read more on it here: WebMonitor.

New : now also available as a port for the ESP32 !

The PiLogger ® base software in contrast is meant for a Raspberry Pi ® with display and keyboard. It targets to give a starting point for working with the PiLogger ® One . It serves for the purposes of first operation, configuration and testing. It is free demonstration software and therefore it enables learning and is suitable as a starting point for own projects.

New : build your own wind speed sensor with our new building kit PiLogger DIY Anemometer

PiLogger DIY Anemometer

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